Eventually one company will emerge as the "Microsoft" of the Nutraceutical Industry.                 
Jim Wagner, Nutritional Outlook, June/July 2002

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Today an ever expanding body of medical and scientific evidence documents the importance of proper diet and benefits of nutritional supplements for health maintenance and prevention of disease.  This growing mass of information has created a demand for proven effective natural food supplements.

The next era of nutrition will focus on natural occurring properties provided from plants, fruits, and vegetables which support good health. Nutraceutical is the new term used by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine to describe a highly promising area of health and medicine where newly discovered food/nutrition products have a proven effect on the human body. The Nutraceutical Industry has become a highly respected industry for supplement health.

In October of 1994, the President signed into law The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).  As a demonstration of public opinion, the DSHEA Act was written to empower American consumers to make choices about their own preventive health care programs.

 A key intent in passing DSHEA was to improve the health of the American people through educational information to help them make better product choices.  The instruction of dietary supplements may systematically minimize the need for expensive drug therapy and thus reduce the country’s health care expenses!

Because of the DSHEA Act, a new industry has emerged based on non-toxic, functional food components standardized for higher quality and effectiveness.  Nutraceuticals are natural high quality standardized supplements proven to have pharmacological health benefits as validated by medical and scientific research.

The DSHEA Act allows for and encourages companies to provide truthful non-misleading scientific research of health benefits from specific dietary supplements to be made available. 


Currently in the U.S. 1/7 of the U.S. economy is allocated to merely treating symptoms. That's $1.4 trillion spent on healthcare (the sickness business).

"Many industry observers believe that Nutraceuticals will become the popular choice among consumers because they are less expensive and a more natural alternative.  In some cases, they are even considered to be more beneficial."

-Joe Grey, From "Texas Business" magazine, September 1996

“50% of patients had or were using some form of Alternative Medicine.”

                                              -JAMA, July 2, 1997

Today, one in two Americans are turning to healthy nutrition and supplements for an improved quality of life.

Newsweek Predicts This New Industry Will Be the Next Financial Blockbuster

"The List of Companies Looking for a Piece of the Nutraceutical Action is Expected to Continue Growing Rapidly"

   -Drug Topics® Archive: DON'T MISS THIS BOAT

The potential for Nutraceuticals to revolutionize our traditional mind-set toward nutrition and health has companies worldwide on a search for new functional food patents.  Pharmaceutical companies are buying every functional food patent they can get their hands on, which meets the standard of a Nutraceutical.

-The Future of Nutraceuticals; The foundation has been laid for a multi-billion dollar industry. Who will lead the way?
Jim Wagner, Editor, Nutritional Outlook, June/July 2002


"Eventually, one company will emerge as the 'Microsoft' of the Nutraceutical Industry."

World renowned economists predict in the next ten years, the Wellness Industry will expand to over one trillion dollars; meaning that it's going to be the largest growing industry in the next decade.

Based on the current growth of the “Wellness” market, it has been speculated to exceed $1 trillion by the year 2010.  In other words, the growing Wellness business will rise to and may even surpass the existing “Sickness” business (pharmaceuticals).

A “Health Paradigm Shift” of Natural, Effective, Preventive, Healthcare Awareness Has Just Begun!


An ever-increasing number of consumers are concerned with maintaining the quality of life by using the best effective natural products. They want to look and feel young, healthier, prevent sickness, and want to avoid becoming customers to the “sickness business.”  These consumers are only getting started with habits and lifestyle changes that promote a lifetime of wellness. 

Everyone Wants a Lifetime of Wellness!


The next economic trend of hundreds of millions, billions, and even "The Next Trillion" dollars will be created by the masses of generations that will conform to the enrichment of lifestyle enhancements which support good health!


A substantial share of the world market will belong to those that provide the most unique, effective, and credible solutions to "Optimal Wellness."


Is This Crystallizing?


The discovery of essential nutritional components from nature for the proper support of good health equates directly to the body's innate ability to sustain health and recover from disease.  All from the support of improved nutrition!

“There is a link between the ingestion of certain nutrients or dietary supplements and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis…”

                                                         -Statement from the preamble of DSHEA

Science and Nature Have Come Together to Establish Key Nutrients for Human Physiology!

Breakthrough Solutions to Global Problems are Now Occurring!

We’re living in mediocre times where disease is the “Worst World Epidemic.”  If each individual did what was in his\her power to share this knowledge and help those that came in natural contact, a wave of hope and renewal would flood the planet.


The quality of life and financial benefits are clearly evident.  The real benefits are what one can do to improve or change thousands of lives and the lives that those lives will touch.


“Today there is no better example of God’s hand at work than the emerging wellness industry and the positive economic forces behind the revolution that is about to take place.”

                                        -Paul Zane Pilzer World Renowned Economist


Ultimately, Your Health is Your Wealth!


When health is absent,

wisdom cannot reveal itself,

art cannot manifest,

strength cannot fight,

wealth becomes useless and

joy cannot be felt.

-Herphilus, 300 B.C.


The Gift of Wellness is Truly a Wonderful Thing!



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